There’s a common Desire among all human beings to achieve success in the areas where they search it, but more than anything all of us seek peace, we all seek happiness and all of us seek love.

The spiritual wisdom of the Vedas holds the secrets for accomplishing those goals. Vedic astrology is the science which unlocks the fate of the spirit, allowing understanding of our present and past, then showing how it has and will influence our future. We can then learn how to shape our destiny by behaving in the ways which truly bring success on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, permits a person to comprehend that the routine of the astral body. It is a window to the karma that we bring with us into this life, enables us to explore the motion of our souls from life to life and shows our true purpose in life as a soul, what inwardly we have set out to achieve in this incarnation.Astrology

The horoscope Suggests our pitra dosha calculator psychophysical nature and abilities in every area of life. What career best suits us? How shall I build financial stability or riches? How do I maintain optimal health of my body and mind? How do I become the individual that has all of the qualities I admire and long for? How do I bring a life partner towards me to discuss love? If we find the answers to developing ourselves and keeping ourselves in optimal health in mind and body the aims of these queries immediately comes within our grasp. For such maximum growth of our beings we want not just the answers, but the resources to attain them.

Remedial Measures

Through remedial Measures like using strong sound vibrations, meditation, sacred geometry and the use of strong organic gemstones, we can create our maximum potentials and private capacity to achieve our goals in both the material and spiritual spheres of our lives. An experienced and intuitive Vedic astrologer urges these tools when a natal reading is finished.

Ayurveda, the Science of Healing the Body and Mind

Without health of the Body how do we appreciate the world around us? How do we enjoy our lives, our loved ones and feel gratitude for all the gifts we are given. Yet discovering these keys is vital to our own ability to live the fullness of life, Then the requirement to attain peace of mind, to feel internal happiness so we may truly realize whole gratification of being alive. Without these how do we even start to search, then find, our true spiritual natures?

Through the medical Science of Ayurveda we find the wealth of assessing what causes our suffering on a physical and psychological level and find the tools to counteract them. A qualified Ayurvedic practitioner can determine the dosha, or the physiological constitution of a person, to recommend appropriate diet and ecological changes inside our homes and offices to permit nurturing ourselves to bring us into optimal wellness. Through the use of certain herbs, gems and colors one accelerate the healing process and then learns how to keep one’s health for the rest of their lives.