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Through these different eras, desserts have evolved really well combined with the science and amalgamation of various ingredients. Wonderful dishes have been invented with simple ingredients to satiate the sweet tooth which almost all of them have developed. Brownies for instance have stolen hearts of millions of people where no muss no fuss can give you drool-worthy dessert in few minutes. In case of Brownies, Singapore has got the most inviting ones. No frosting and yet delightful to the mouth.

There are several shops that are famous for selling the yummiest of brownies in the country who are pocket-friendly but never fail to deliver or compromise the taste. All the fresh ingredients used, give a warm aroma which becomes an eye-candy that’s hard to ignore for the customers. Here are some of them,

  • Shubby sweets- At the Chai Chee Street, resides a cute bakery that provides the mini version of brownies specially handcrafted by the owner who sells at an affordable price. It can be considered as a gift in a box.
  • Bundt by the Backyard bakers- By the Havelock Road, lies this wonderful kiosk where waiting in a long queue makes it worth while when it serves with its best crunchy peanut butter or the hazelnut brownies.

Edith Patisserie- This shop gives 4 captivating flavors of brownies in an assorted box which are best suitable for health freaks and vegans as well. They are great gift considerations to friends and family for birthdays or other occasions.