truck load

How much does a truck driver actually make?every company in America that needs a driver recruits in their own way. some companies make a poor deal sound so good it makes the driver want to jump up and kiss the recruiter while other companies discreetly hire drivers and keep them by treating them like they are worth something. Here is one way to help decide if the company is offering a good deal or not.

first ask the company what their benefits are and how much the the driver is expected to pay for them. Many companies do not tell what the driver has to pay unless they ask or unless it appears to be a good deal. this is important to consider since they would definitely get a better deal on things such as health insurance and dental care. add this into the the decision depending on the drivers needs only.

then ask what the truck speed is set at. this limit will tell the maximum miles the truck can run in 60 hours of drive time.If the truck runs 60 miles per hour 10 hours per day it will have ran 600 miles. That equals 3600 miles per week maximum miles that the truck can run legally. that rate can be multiplied by the cents per mile that a driver is offered.

however, if the company cannot keep a driver that busy or if there are a lot of loading and unloading sites or long loading or unloading times the maximum figure is not achievable. the driver will run out of hours. ask the recruiter or another driver what the wait times are between loads, loading, and unloading at the company applied for. this gives a driver a more complete picture of the miles they can actually run. most companies have these facts and do not disclose them for one reason and one reason only they have to get their freight moved to make money regardless of the drivers needs. truck load

since most of the truck drivers who read this will already be working, all that needs to be figured for these drivers is the amount they grossed on their last check divided by the number of hours they could actually work for every day they are away from home working or 14 hours a day for six days or 84 hours. even though they cannot work that much they are on the road tied up away from their families working. That means a 1000 pay check is worth 11.90 per hour to an over the road driver. add that to the price of food spent on the road and the charges for every cotton picking thing from showers to laundry and it comes as no surprise the ability to make ends meet is is done only through drawing money through comp checks that are taken out of the next checks earnings.

in conclusion, truck drivers only make what they can negotiate with a company that already knows how to figure all of these numbers out and exactly how to point out the best sounding facts of their company. they also know how to take advantage of drivers who do not know these facts. by adding up the benefits, maximum mileage allowed, and the times not driving while on the road drivers can tell if the if the company is worth working for or staying well away from. These factors will tell all the super truckers just how much they really make.