We think if you look up A dictionary for the word ‘saree’, you’d likely get the synonym haversatile’. Regardless of what your age or size or height or build, you can be rest assured that a saree will suit you perfectly. Undoubtedly, it is rightfully called the epitome of Indian styling! The excellent thing about a saree is the fact it may be draped in a lot of styles and styles from demure to hot. The colors and patterns in a saree can pretty much set the tone and mood for the day.

Listed below are a few saree Options which you can select this party season:


Contrary to belief, dark colours are not necessarily the only alternative for parties. Spruce up the dance floor at a vibrant and exciting shade of yellow or likely a beautiful turquoise. Double toned sarees can be quite eye catching too. Rich borders and thorough paloo work is another wonderful option.

linen cotton saree

A dark colored saree Is terrific for an evening celebration. Just ensure it is sufficiently spruced up in sequins or bead work or rock embellishments so that you do not look like you have just returned from a funeral. That, of course, does not indicate that your saree is so illuminating that the hosts can easily switch off the lights and not be worried about darkness. You do not need to appear too jazzy.

Make Sure That the linen cotton saree You select compliments your skin tone. I have found that olive for a color best suits the Indian skin tone and is a wonderful color for a celebration. It is fantastic for someone, who is not looking to catch too much focus while still being detected. You should be comfortable from the saree you select. If red is too bold a shade for you, then avoid it! When you are uncomfortable in something, it shows!


There was a time when it was all about the saree. That time has passed. Today’s Indian dressing is as much about the underwear because it is around the saree. In actuality, a dull and plain saree could be completely spruced up with a scintillating blouse.

Both the back and Front of the blouse is of extreme importance. My buddy Rihanna usually dresses up in plain lace sarees but her blouses are to kill. The blouse sleeves differ from slinky straps to complete sleeves. Strapless is also an option if you feel confident enough to wear it. Blouses can be Enriched with shiny material or with stone embellishments. At times, a contrasting blouse can create a world of a difference.