pcb design and development

The contract assembly is a comprehensive solution to most of the technical and organizational tasks associated with the development of a new printed circuit board.

Main advantages of pcb design and development :

  • significant cost savings due to the absence of the need to purchase high-precision technological equipment, the maintenance of additional staff of qualified specialists;
  • optimal terms of work performance;
  • reduction of risks of material losses due to contractual relationships, optimization of the production process;
  • execution of a full cycle of contract work – from design to testing of the assembled product, including services for the purchase of components for printed circuit assemblies;
  • maximum flexibility, individual approach – production of experimental samples, a single product, a small batch, large-scale production;
  • affordable prices, additional discounts at all stages of assembly with a guarantee of the quality of installation, taking into account all requirements.
  • Contract manufacturing of printed circuit boards allows you to reasonably distribute efforts, remove the tasks of conducting complex non-core activities and maintain the production base from your own company.

The assembly of printed circuit boards takes place according to the following methods:

  • Output wiring;
  • Mixed installation;
  • Surface mounting.

 Push-through mounting is an assembly method in which components are installed through holes only and then soldered. This method is not very popular right now, but some components can only be assembled using the output mount technology.

Lead components can be installed in the following ways:

  • There is no gap between the component and the board. This method is used with single-sided boards that place components on opposite sides with a conductive pattern.
  • There is a gap between the component and the board. Applies to double-sided printed circuit boards.
  • A vertical arrangement of components is carried out, in which they are arranged more densely.