edutrust certification

In this day and age of online education, we provide the option to get and share certificates for completed coursework. Verifying certificates and identifying fraudulent documents are time-consuming processes for businesses, educational institutions, educational content developers, and government agencies. Disappointingly, the concept of giving paper certificates, which are often lost or kept where they cannot be seen, is being considered. That’s why we are introducing edutrust certification.

Why EduTrust?

EduTrust is a company that educates and certifies professionals in their respective fields. They have established a straightforward method to communicate and monitor course performance! Our developing technologies help us gain more ground, and they are being used by businesses, educational institutions, people who develop curricula, and governments all across the world.

Providing a method to store, exercise control over, and safeguard the associated information with each certificate. The use of blockchain technology has expanded well beyond its initial intent, and it is now being considered for a wide variety of purposes.

EduTrust is in the process of developing certificates that will run on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure. These certificates will have the capacity to send or receive a stable authentic certificate anywhere else in the globe, instantly, securely, and in a manner comparable to sending an email.

Our Process

A “Non-Fungible Token” is just what the formal certificate is called. This indicates that it is one of a kind and exclusive to the graduate in question and their performance alone.

The graduate will need a proper “wallet” to receive, keep, and send the certification or information to acquire the official certificate. This is required to obtain the certificate.