Fundamentally, jump PC is a gadget that gives you profundity, Elapsed Dive Time, temperature, No-Decompression Dive Time Remaining and numerous different things, contingent upon the model you use, plunge mode, and whether you are submerged or on surface. ┬áIn any case, the primary assignment of the jump PC is to figure the nitrogen stacking and oxygen lethality levels and register the most ideal and the most secure surfacing technique, oversee decompression, and the surface interim between the plunges. In shorter words – it causes us remaining out from getting into the Decompression Sickness as long as we obey security rules, admonitions and alerts.

It streamlines our jumping by supplanting Recreational Dive Planners (RDP) and Wheels (yet it is as yet a smart thought to keep RDP or Wheel as reinforcement)!

All models are fabricated in the accompanying mounting alternatives:

  • computer supports (Aeris Atmos ai, Mares Puck Air, Suunto Cobra);
  • wrist plunge PCs (Oceanic OC1, Cressi Archimede 2, Tusa IQ-950 Zen Air);
  • wrist units (Mares Icon HD, Uwatec Galileo Sol, Tusa IQ-850 Sapience);
  • scuba covers (Aeris CompuMask, Oceanic DataMask

Contingent upon the PC, you may have following plunge modes:

  • Air;
  • Nitrox;
  • Gauge;
  • FREEdive

A portion of the scuba plunge PCs might be customized for up to 3 gas blends and with probability of exchanging between them during a solitary jump, and PC HelO2 by Suunto, might be modified for up to 8 gas blends, and can be utilized for jumping with Air, Nitrox, and Trimix.

Next element is the air-joining. You will meet three choices here:

  • hose air-incorporated jump PC;
  • hoseless air-incorporated jump PC;
  • dive PC without air incorporation

With hoseless (remote) air incorporation you have to have a transmitter introduced on the controller. Huge numbers of hoseless air-coordinated models have Buddy Pressure Check include, which implies that you may check gaseous tension of your ‘mate’ utilizing your own PC if your mate’s transmitter is effectively combined with your PC.

Another significant component is pay for Altitude jumping. Numerous units nowadays consequently make up for elevation jumping and give you balanced no-decompression times and profundities, as indicated by your present height to buy rdp with bitcoin. In certain models you may set up physically elevation in specific extents, as in Suunto and Mares brands.

It is worth to specify here Personal Conservative Factor modification. Similarly for instance – if Aeris PCs permit us to set this factor only to ON/OFF state, Mares and Suunto models give us plausibility to increment or reduction level of conservatism by picking among most elevated and least levels. Also, this gives us probability to set our PC for either liberal or traditionalist jumping.